News    Safety Production Responsibility Signing and Work Planning
Safety Production Responsibility Signing and Work Planning

On 16th, May 2014, POVOS Safety Production Responsibility Signing and Work Planning Meeting take place in Meeting Room 501. The meeting began at 13:30, Mr. Zeng, Mr. Sun, Mr. Chen and Mr. He; together with leaders of every department attend the meeting.

The meeting starts with director of Safety Board Mr. lv’s report:

1. To implement the Special equipment safety law of the People's Republic of China 

2. Separate work, production and living areas, in order to make sure the reasonability of the company.

3. Ensure the visitors receive a methodic reception. 

4. Make sure every door of the factory has its own function.

5. Sorting the garbage, to keep the factory in good condition.

6. The production waste is managed by a specially-assigned person. 

It is believed that with all these measures, our POVOS safety system will be further improved. 

The outstanding team and person were praised during the meeting: 

The Panting Workshop won the third place in 2013 An Kang Cup in Songjiang district, and won the prize ¥500; 

The 2013 Safety Manufacture Department award was given to the Injection Workshop and the Precision Machining Workshop, with the prize of ¥1000; Regarding the outstanding performance in event handling of 16th, January’s emergency, the security team was awarded ¥1000 and won the title.

The Outstanding Contribution Prize in Safety Management; The Oversea Sales Department became the 2013 5S Management Advanced Department, won the trophy together with ¥1000; The Panting Workshop got the 2013 safety management flag, and won the prize ¥1000.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zeng, the director manager gave a speech:

Continuously improving and perfecting

In 2013, the security team and Safety Board have obtained certain achievement. But on the other hand, our security system hasn’t reached its best condition. New aera, new challenge, with our company’s development, the security system needs continued perfection.

Stay Cautious

Those who do not plan for the future will find trouble at their doorstep. We need to prepare for the emergency, and strengthen our security team to build a team that can protect our company and employees at any time.

Build corporate image

Always follow our company’s rules; this is not only about personal image but also about our company.