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CEO Interview:Profoundly Explore Manufacturing

On April 3rd, Zeng Wenli, the general manager of Shanghai POVOS Electric Works Co., Ltd. accepted the interview of the deep observation column group of Shanghai First Financial. He profoundly explores how the traditional manufacturing enterprises to face the incoming tide of the Internet, how to "touch net."

Today's Internet age has gone beyond people thinking, how enterprises to make progress and balance the two carriages of traditional business and e-commerce market? 

How enterprises to reform in the process of touch net? 

This is an unprecedented challenge, a careless decision could make enterprises suffer major damages, and the enterprises could be eliminated by the times.

During the interview, the journalist pointed out that in 2013 it was the first time POVOS started "three knife" in Alibaba. 

POVOS provides customized services to clients. Just within six minutes, POVOS sold out 1000 pieces of products as well as created the brilliant results among the industry and within 3 days, POVOS also completed 6000 pieces limit orders. 

The birth of the sales of myth is the root of problems raised. How to customize and how to produce became a big mountain in front of POVOS. 

"Flexible", our manager had to sum up the whole process with two words in total. Thus , POVOS opened a specialized "flexible production line." On the surface, the production line returns back from the fully automatic assembly line to the original manual assembly of a small workshop production mode, but its essence is free to stitching and removal. The use of flexible technology arrangement makes the production line change with the needs of customization, greatly improving the speed of production in order to meet customers' individual pursuit.

2014 is the year that POVOS makes great progresses. The development of Internet is also our company’s state of development and the new development of traditional manufacture is just a beginning, POVOS Electric Works Co., Ltd. will use a new model to create new myths.