News    High Membership of Air purifier Industry Federation of China
High Membership of Air purifier Industry Federation of China

Technology realizes dream

The good news comes that the company is allowed to join in Air purifier Industry Federation of China, and becomes high membership unit. This is after the company certified by medical product quality management system, and evaluated for two months by the industry federation. The membership means company meets federation requirement concerning resource and technology. Also it means POVOS finally enters into industry of air purifier development, manufacture and sales.  

The Air Purifier Industry Federation of China is non-profit bureau founded with official platform. It is responsible for market regulation and sales threshold improvement. It relies on Shanghai Environment Protection Industry Association, and the membership belongs to excellence of main market. 

Among them Phillips, Sharpe, Samsung, Panasonic are international enterprise, Midea, Gree, Yuanda, Laike are domestic enterprises, and Shanghai Standard Research Centre, Shanghai University and Tongji University Research Centre. There are 30 members which represent most advanced technology, and controls authority of the industry technical development.    

The air purifier is an important industry in the development planning of our company. It is with software and hardware resource, including experts in purifying industry. Some of the experts participated in national standard making, and some are engineers for product research, test and development. We are also planning the construction of CADR test room according to AHAM America standards. 

Combining all the factors, our company shall be an important member of the industry federation. Through the platform, we can communicate with international brands, compete with them and get improvement. For instance, we can participate in standards amending, test method improvement, and new technology application. 

Through this we try to move the purifying industry into direction of high efficiency, and low energy dissipation. With our efforts, the human environment will be more harmonious and perfect.

At present, our research development will provide three series of new air purifiers, totally 7 models. The federation experts evaluated the files and verified onsite. Their conclusion is, POVOS Electric is qualified to be a high membership of the federation. Possibly it can become Deputy Secretary-General of the federation.

A hero displays his nature only under difficult situations. Facing the worse and worse living environment, we are responsible to protect our home, and POVOS people are taking actions and moving forward!